Job Role: Senior Carer/Practitioner

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  • Depute Manager


  • To assist the Team Leader to develop a personal plan detailing personal care and support required.
  • To ensure the health, well-being and emotional needs of residents are met and that their individual outcomes are achieved.
  • To assist the Team Leader in the monitoring and reviewing of individual residents’ personal plans.
  • Responsibility for meeting residents assessed needs and agreed outcomes as part of a multi-disciplinary team approach to practice.
  • To provide a personal care service compatible with the policies, procedures and standards set by the company and the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care and the S.S.S.C


Personal Plans/Named / Key Worker

  • In conjunction with the Team Leader and Care Assistants develop  individual Personal Plans and Reviews of residents.  To act as Named / Key Worker to a number of residents.  (30%)

Direct Care

  • To provide direct personal care in line with individual personal plans  (50%)

Communication and Liaison

  • To communicate with a range of contact for the purpose of pursuing residents individual outcomes and personal plans  (20%)



  • To assist Team Leader to determine the level of risk residents may experience and complete a Risk Assessment
  • Assist the Team Leader to monitor the personal plans ensuring changing personal care needs are reported and addressed.
  • As named worker attend to the expressed wishes of residents to meet and promote their personalised outcomes.
  • Develop a positive relationship with named residents, including life story development
  • In conjunction with the Care Assistants assist the Team Leader with service user reviews and contribute to written assessments as appropriate
  • Be responsible for maintaining residents Personal Plan and case file by recording changes and significant events in report sheets, food and fluid charts, food diaries etc.
  • To contribute to Review of Personal Plans and attend Review meetings as required.
  • To assist the Team Leader in the admission/discharge process and to record personal effects and valuables etc.
  • To ensure at all times that care practice is non-discriminatory and the user’s personal beliefs and preferences are appropriately acknowledged


  • Deliver direct personal care in accordance with personal plans and in consultation with Health Care Professionals.
  • In collaboration with residents, carers, staff and volunteers set up and participate within group and individual social activities/programmes and entertainments within the home and the wider community
  • Help residents keep track of their clothes and possessions, take actions to ensure safe keeping and labelling
  • Under the supervision of the nurse assist with wound dressings
  • Give assistance or support with personal hygiene and appearance, i.e. bathing, shaving, nail cutting oral hygiene etc
  • Give assistance /support with dressing / undressing
  • Give assistance/support with mobility transfers and positioning including the use of manual handling equipment
  • Give assistance/support to enable residents to eat and drink
  • Under the supervision of health professionals assist with Peg feeding when trained to do so
  • Give assistance/support to enable residents to access and use toilet facilities
  • Give assistance/support to the management of residents continence including catheter and colostomy care
  • Give assistance/support to enable residents to achieve physical comfort
  • To assist the Team Leader in the care of residents requiring palliative care
  • To assist the Team Leader with the after care of a deceased person
  • To assist the Team Leader to provide care and support to residents with special support needs e.g. dementia; challenging behaviour etc
  • To assist the Team Leader in the administration of medication in accordance with best practice guidelines. Ensuring accurate recording; ordering and recording of delivery; monitor any side effects and monitor any services users who choose to self-medicate
  • To be aware of health and safety issues, in particular the need to wear personal protective equipment etc and to observe the Food Handling Regulations, Infection Control Policies and safe Moving and Handling


  • To contribute to changeovers and to report and record significant observations/changes in general health, well being and any events relating to service user care.  
  • To encourage the involvement and participation of residents in decision making within the Care Home.
  • To record changes in health and well being and significant events in the appropriate section of the Personal Plan.
  • In conjunction with the Care assistants assist the Team Leader in working with Physicians and Community Medical Staff to ensure the health and physical needs of residents are met.
  • To assist the Team Leader in enabling residents to maintain contacts in potentially isolating situations, e.g. due to poor mobility, communication problems due to a stroke, assistance with letter writing
  • To adhere to policies and guidelines around Adult Protection and to report concerns immediately to the Team Leader/Manager
  • To have awareness for security and to offer assistance to visitors entering the unit.
  • To report as required and follow the Missing Persons Procedure
  • To participate in staff meetings, briefings, development and training events
  • To adhere to the standards of practice set out in the S.S.S.C Codes of Conduct


  • There are no line management responsibilities associated with this post
  • Post holder will be expected to support social care assistants, students and volunteers.


Post holder will work within a framework of recognised procedures however there is scope for creativity in interpreting the way the procedures are applied and outcomes achieved e.g.

  • To contribute to the development or social activities and entertainment programmes for residents
  • To be flexible in meeting the changing needs of residents, including the ability to adapt to changing policies in the working environment
  • To develop residents care / personal plan; to discuss the content of the personal plan with residents / carers and with the support of the team leader draw up the residents personal plan considering innovative and creative ways to meet service user needs
  • Consider ways to communicate effectively with residents with communication difficulties.


Post holders are expected to develop and maintain positive contacts and relationships with a range of people in order to ensure the continual assessment, care and well being of residents. Some relationships may involve support and require sensitivity and innovation.

Frequent contacts will include:

  • Relatives / carers / representatives of services users
  • Other professional staff involved with services users e.g. GPs/NHS Staff/Social Workers
  • Volunteers and students

Less frequent contacts include:

  • Care Inspectorate Officers


  • Take a full part in 1:1 development meetings with the Team Leader on an individual basis as set out in the company policy
  • Performance review will take place and an agreed professional development plan will be put in place as set out in the company’s policy


Post holders will carry out range of tasks and work to a routine pattern of work dictated by service user needs. Interruptions will occur and post holder will require to be flexible and adapt to changes.

Post holders will require;-

  • To work a Rota pattern to meet the needs of the service
  • To work with residents who display stress and distress and may be unpredictable
  • To ensure that at all times care practice is non-discriminatory and residents personal beliefs, choices and preferences are appropriately acknowledged
  • The ability to respond to unplanned situations in a calm flexible way
  • To work under pressure at times to assist the delivery of planned care and to respond to unforeseen circumstances when they arise


  • Stairs daily
  • Standing for long periods
  • Kneeling and bending frequently
  • Pushing residents in wheel chairs both in the building and outside
  • Maneuvering residents or equipment on a daily basis
  • Moving and handling of residents, including the use of equipment


  • To undertake intimate personal care
  • Exposure to body fluids on a daily basis
  • Exposure to verbal and physical aggression
  • To be able to work under pressure
  • Exposure to heat
  • Moving and handling of residents in confined spaces
  • Potential risk of exposure to infection


  • Qualifications: S.V.Q. II in Social Care/Health on recruitment. SVQ III to meet SSSC registration requirements.
  • Knowledge of the ageing process
  • Knowledge of Dementia Care and promoting excellence framework to skilled level and continue to develop skills in this area
  • Knowledge of the care standards and SSSC Codes of Practice and how to ensure these into practice
  • Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing with a wide range of residents
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Personal Care and principles of care
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Knowledge of Adult support and Protection legislation and guidelines
  • Knowledge of aspects of complex care including palliative care, nutritional care and care planning
  • Use of moving and handling equipment
  • Ability to write coherently
  • Computer skills, Microsoft office, adaptable skills in the use of ICT and electronic systems is required
  • Ability to negotiate with others
  • Ability to listen
  • To acquire, develop and maintain a good understanding of the “core values” associated with health and social care e.g. privacy, self-determination, dignity, choice etc.
  • Effective communication with residents, relatives, representatives, colleagues and employees from other agencies.
  • To understand the impact of policies and procedures on day to day activities
  • To develop an understanding of group dynamics and team work philosophies.


  • To have experience of practice in the delivery of care to older people, adults or complex care needs
  • To have an understanding of the specific needs of older residents
  • Experience helping residents who have a range of health, care and support needs would be essential
  • Working within a team setting or knowledge of team working would be essential
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